Revive is more than just a capital campaign - it is a firm hope we have in seeing God continue to revive this church, our community, and the future cities where we will be planting churches. And we want you to participate! Through Revive we are asking everyone at Cottage Grove to give, serve and pray in sacrificial ways.
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We believe that every sacrificial gift of money given to Revive looks different for every person here at Cottage Grove. We also believe that each gift of money, no matter how big or small, is an incredible way to show what God is doing out of the overflow of joy in your soul.

If you're looking to jump in and give to Revive, you can give in several different ways. You may write a check, give online, or give by donating stock/securities. If you will be writing a check, please be sure to write in the memo line "Revive" or "Revive Campaign". If you are giving online, please consider changing your donations to be payable via ACH versus a debit or credit card if you are not already. Our fees are only $.25 for ACH processing but our fees for CC processing are 2.3% + $0.30/donation for all credit & debit card donations. We want to eliminate those kinds of gifts if at all possible so we can best steward all of the funds coming in. If you would like to give stock/securities, please contact Bruce Grotenhuis. In certain situations, there may be tax advantages to giving appreciated stock/securities.


In the Bible, we often see the followers of Jesus being called to action when the writers are talking about love. That's because when we love someone or something, we want to show them how much we actually love them! We believe this to be a crucial part of the Revive campaign, to not only to give financially, but to give in the form of physical acts of service to show how much we care for and love the mission of this campaign.

To know best how to serve sacrificially in this way, we want you to subscribe to our updates list. We'll be sending out weekly emails and updates for you to know where everything is going as far as the updates on construction, giving, etc. We'll also be sharing with you tips on how you can serve both here at the church during the construction process but also how you can be a loving neighbor even in your own community! We want Revive to be like a giant ripple effect, not just making waves in our own physical building, but even our neighborhoods, campus, city, and beyond.


"Hope for our church, community and future cites." This is the prayer we are asking you to join with us in. That Revive. through the sacrificial gifts and service of our church family, would be a means in which the Gospel becomes a very clear need for the people in our community and future cities.

We want to look outside of ourselves when it comes to Revive and look around at all of the potential for what God alone can do. The truth is, our strategy and plans can only do so much. Please subscribe to our updates as we will be sharing with you simple prayer and devotionals for you to join in with us on as we together ask God to revive the hearts of our church, community, and future cities.

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