Cottage Grove has never been about numbers, and we still aren’t. However, God has uniquely positioned us in Des Moines and we want to remain faithful to what He is doing on the campus, in our workplaces and right here in the Drake neighborhood. To keep up with the rate of growth that we’ve seen over the last two years, we believe the best thing to do is to maximize our facilities and prepare for growth outside of our walls by planting other churches.

The Campaign Committee and Elders have agreed that we need to prioritize the basement construction project so we can expand our ministry impact. If we happen to not reach our goal of $2 million, we will cover what is necessary to complete the basement project by taking out a loan. We ask that you join us in prayer and contribution.

A Lead Gift is the amount of money we are hoping to raise by September 30, 2018. Our Leaders have already been prayerfully considering how they can contribute to this initial Lead Gift and we are inviting others to join in! This gift will be instrumental in helping us begin construction the Fall of 2018. To give a Lead Gift, click here.

We want to communicate through this campaign that we are here to stay as neighbors and that our city and neighbors can call Cottage Grove Church “home”. This building is just a tool to do real life together. Because we are in such a need for space, we believe we are doing justice to dignify the worth of the Drake Park neighborhood by investing funds into the building.

We are hoping to begin construction on the basement the fall of 2018. Our goal is to be able to use the space by fall of 2019. With construction, you can never be totally be sure when things will wrap up so we are allowing for an adequate amount of time before we hope to use the space.

We do not foresee Cottage Grove Church leaving this location in the Drake Park neighborhood. Unless God calls us to, we are here to stay!

Cottage Grove has an Elder and Staff team that seek guidance and advice on major financial matters from financial and business leaders from within our congregation. There is also a team of five individuals on the Capital Campaign Committee that help direct the in’s and out’s of the campaign fundraising, construction, and communication.

Yes. Gifts made toward Revive have a separate designation than the General Fund. Gifts toward Revive are over and above regular giving to the General Fund.

Revive pledges indicate total intended giving through June 30, 2020. Our official Revive giving kickoff is June 24, 2018, but you can begin giving to Revive at any time.

You can drop off your pledge in the church offering box or at the church mailbox. You can also mail your pledge to the church at 1050 24th St, Des Moines, IA 50311.

You can give to Revive in several ways. You may write a check, give online, or give by donating stock/securities. If you will be writing a check, please be sure to write in the memo line "Revive" or "Revive Campaign". If you are giving online, please consider changing your donations to be payable via ACH versus a debit or credit card if you are not already. Our fees are only $.25 for ACH processing but our fees for CC processing are 2.3% + $0.30/donation for all credit & debit card donations. We want to eliminate those kinds of gifts if at all possible so we can best steward all of the funds coming in. If you would like to give stock/securities, please contact Bruce Grotenhuis. In certain situations, there may be tax advantages to giving appreciated stock/securities.

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